Survivin’ Pirate Fest

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237_Grounds_Portraits_Misc_IMG_9337Survivin’ Pirate Fest

by: Scurvy McGillywhiskers

Welcome aboard a weekend that be anythin’ but ordinary, filled wit merriment, spiced grog, ‘n hot wenches stuffed in tiny corsets!! Tis be a place whar imagination be free to take flight, magic may exist once again, ‘n ye can forget reality fer a few short days or hours dependin’ on how much a ruckas ye can handle. Thar be somethin’ fer all ye pirates at th’ Tybee Island Pirate Fest, a parade, music, drinkin’, fireworks, carnival rides ‘n fun children’s activities, a pettin’ zoo, delicious eats, ‘n so much more!
But beware you scurvy cur, if ye don’t watch out, ye may be swabbin’ the decks to pay yer bar tab ‘n ye may be walkin’ like ye have a peg leg at the end of the day. We’ve put together a little survival guide for ye to make sure ye don’t spend all yer doubloons ‘n this experience be all ‘bout adventures ‘n fun rather than pain ‘n discomfort.
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1. Don’t Break the Bank
Yes, there is plenty to do, see, and purchase at The Tybee Island Pirate Fest but it’s never fun to have post festival regrets when you get your monthly bank statement. It is always a good idea to bring as much cash are you are comfortable spending and to leave the ATM card at home. Over the festival weekend you will have several chances to buy jewelry, costumes, art, and so much more directly from the creators. This is always a lot of fun but it is also very easy to succumb to impulse buys. By having a set budget, you will be more discriminate in your purchases and feel much better about your checking account come Monday morning.
2. Bring Some Comfortable Shoes
I know the spike heel Pirate Boots look incredibly sexy but how good do you think they are going to feel after a couple hours of walking? Don’t forget to slip a pair of flip flops into your satchel if you want to make through the evening festivities! There are some incredible bands this year and you know you will want to rock it out during the shows, uncomfortable footwear will kill those dreams fast. Be prepared!

Screenshot at Oct 01 08-56-413. HYDRATE
For some reason people always get thirsty during the Pirate Fest Weekend and there are always plenty of beer vendors ready to quench that thirst. Drinking is fun when you are
dressed like a pirate but don’t go overboard. Remember to drink water. In fact, put a couple of bottles in your bag so they’ll be ready for easy access.
4. Port-o-Potties
These are a necessary evil. Search for the ones furthest away from the entrance because they are the ones that get used the least. Also, maybe bring some toilet paper in your bag
and some hand sanitizer. If you are lady, make sure you know how to hover.

431768_10151270958417269_2100985055_n5. Children

The Tybee Island Pirate Fest is so much fun for kids. There are all types of activities that they are going to love. However, the later it gets, the more rowdy grown up pirates without their little one get. Understand? Also, it is going to be crowded so be sure to keep a careful eye on the little ones.
6. Don’t forget your map
It’s vital that you know where to find different shows, food vendors, and most importantly, the ale stands and restrooms. This will save you lots of time if you want to be on a schedule, or let you know which direction to wander if you don’t have a specific destination in mind.

69137_10151280474112269_278799310_n7. Keep an Open Mind

The Tybee Island Pirate Fest is a chance to lose the cynicism that makes regular life kind of boring at times. Here is an opportunity to dress up like a Pirate and swagger around and swill rum while the sun’s out! Have fun, let go, and don’t be afraid to look silly. Revel in this chance to be around other eccentric people and have a blast!


Smooth sailing my friends, see you at the Festival. Arrgh!


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