How to Build a Sandman

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How to Build a Sandman

Just because we don’t really get any snow on Tybee Island doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the winter fun.  If you are staying on Tybee during the winter months why not try to build a sandman.. just for kicks.  Everything you need can be found on the beach and they are pretty easy to make.

build a sandman on tybee

Just kidding…mine never look like this!

What you need to build a sandman:

1. Bucket

2. Sand

3. A shovel

4.Shells, palm fronds, sea glass…whatever you can find on the beach to decorate your sandman.  Bring a scarf and hat if you really want to get fancy.

The reality!!

The reality!!

The Steps to build a sandman:

1. Gather up a generous amount of wet, wet sand from the water’s edge.  Put it in your bucket.

2. Move closer to some dry sand.  Take some wet sand from your bucket and squeeze out as much water as you can as you compress the ball – think snowball!

3. Once you’ve compressed out the water, start sprinkling dry sand over the ball and work it in while making it as round as possible. Gently smooth out bumps and divots with dry sand and the meat of your thumb.

4. Keep covering the ball with dry sand and smooth your ball to get it as round as possible. Work it this way for about 3 to 5 minutes.

You can make this as large as you like but it may take some time.  Once you have three different sized balls, you can begin stacking.  Do this just like you would a regular snowman.  Once you have the body complete, begin to add your decorations.  I like to use palm fronds for the arms if I can find them…A reed for the nose..shells for the eyes and mouth..Really, whatever I can find.  These sandmen look great in pictures and are sure to make your snowbound friends jealous.  Who wouldn’t want to be on Tybee for the winter?


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