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How to Dress Like a Pirate

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Yarrrr….Our 10th Annual Tybee Island Pirate Fest is fast approaching! Taking place October 9th-12th, 2014, ye will be wanting to attend if a little high seas fantasy is your cup of tea. There are always activities for the kids, great music, a parade, fireworks, and so much more. One thing that can be a little intimidating if you want to go full pirate, is what exactly should you wear.. I decided to put together a little list to help you folks out.

Man Pirates

Let’s start off at the head and work down to the feet.


Tri-corner hats,  knit caps called Monmouth Caps, or a Cavalier Hat can all be used. A  bandana would be worn to keep the sweat out of a seaman’s eyes.

Looking Sharp Matey....

Looking Sharp Matey….


A poet shirt works good or any sort of long sleeved white shirt with impressive cuffs if you want to look high class. If you are a rougher type of sea dog just opt out of the shirt and wear a vest.

Keeping it classy..

Keeping it classy..


Get some trews! These are long pants on the baggy side with no pockets or fly. Or go for the breeches, pants that are slightly puffy that button just below the knee.

Halt! I got my pirate pants on...aarr!!!

Halt! I got my pirate pants on…aarr!!!


The festival takes place in October so it may be cool enough outside to comfortably wear one of these. The waist coat is basically a long vest and the traditional pirate coat was only worn by the captain…

Soooo....what do you think he's captain of?

Soooo….what do you think he’s captain of?


Knee high boots, or fold over boots at the knee called Bucket Boots.

These look good.

These look good.

Now for the Lady Pirates..

Hats and stuff:

Tri-corner Hat, Cavalier hat, or Mop Cap, Bandanas and sashes..

That's quite a hat.

That’s quite a hat.

Shirts and tops:

Chemise: A blouse like a poet shirt (not off the shoulder) with blossomy sleeves. Bodice: a front closing corset with shoulder straps. Corset: back lacing, tight fitting, over the bust cut with metal boning. Under bust/ waist cincher: similar to a corset but cuts in under the bust line

Flatters every figure...

Flatters every figure…

Pants and skirts:

If you don’t want to wear a skirt, wear some harem pants. I’m a fan of the skirts. You can go short or long but make sure it is full and kind of swirly or you can go with the gathered and draped look. Either one is pretty cute.

I want this.

I want this.

Shoes and Boots:

High heeled boots look awesome but they aren’t very comfortable after a couple hours. You should go with a flat boot or some with a low heel.  Rope sandals and even flip flops are also a good option.

These boots would be perfect.

These boots would be perfect.

Here are some more tips if you want to look like an authentic pirate. Pirates were known for mix-matched colors, textures, and types. The typical rule of thumb is 2 colors and 3 textures, or 3 colors and 2 textures.
Colors That are Acceptable: Earth tone colors, Black, Brown
Colors you might avoid? Neon Colors (they really didn’t have neon in the day!!)
The pink color that was used was called Carnation, they didn’t have hot pink, magenta or any other darker pink tones. Purple and violet was used but only sparingly. Purple was still very rare and VERY expensive color.

Hope this helped! See you at Pirate Fest! Arr!





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