You Can Always Go Fishing On Tybee!

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11041025_756513111128365_3279651061780430795_nGoing Fishing on Tybee!

Well known for its calm sea conditions, Tybee Island is a great place for the experienced or novice fisherman to try their luck at catching “the big one!” Even if you are just bringing your rod and reel out to the beach to enjoy a fun day of surf fishing, chances are you won’t leave Savannah’s Beach with an empty cooler if you follow these few simple tips. When looking for a good fishing location it is easier to figure out where the fish are swimming during low tide. This makes spotting the trough (area between the surf and a sandbar) fairly easy. The fish enjoy swimming up and down them searching for crabs, sand worms, and smaller fish to eat. Larger fish like Drum are found in the wider troughs and Whiting, Speckled Trout, and Sea Mullet generally lurk in the narrow ones. Tidal pools are also revealed during low tide close to the shore. These are excellent places to catch Whiting. Whiting particularly like to snack on fresh peeled dead shrimp for bait. A good rule to remember when fishing from the shore is that if nothing has bit in 30 minutes, pack it up and try another spot! Some other places to consider when shore fishing are places near piers, inlets, bridges or jetties. There are rock jetties on the far north and south ends of the island, the Walter Parker Pier and Pavilion, Tybee Fishing Pier on the backside of the island, and the Lazaretto Fishing Pier. You can catch Spotted Sea Trout and Red Drum around Tybee Island’s oyster beds from October to December and Black Drum through April to October.


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