Helpful Hints for Tonight’s Fireworks!

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If you are planning on enjoying tonight’s fireworks display on Tybee please remember that traffic coming on and off the beach will be heavy. It is a good idea to come early and secure a good parking place as tickets will be given to illegally parked vehicles. If at all possible, stay the night on Tybee. If you can’t, maybe take a moonlit stroll with your friends and family until the crowds have dispersed. Much more enjoyable that sitting in traffic! If you have small children, arm them with glow sticks or glow paint or even a tracking device (jk). There are so many families at this event it can be difficult to spot your little one in the crowd. Do whatever you can to make sure you can easily identify your children in the dark. Trust me, planning ahead is great for less stress later! Stake out your spot on the beach early. It is hard to find a good place when the sun goes down. Bring snacks, a cooler, whatever makes you happy but be sure to take it all with you when you pack up. We love to keep Tybee clean! This is such a great event and a lot of fun every year! By taking a little extra time with preparation you can save a major headache later! See you tonight!


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