Dinner Lecture at Ocean Plaza

March 15 Dinner Lecture at Dolphin Reef

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Peach Hubbard, President of the Dolphin Project, will be the speaker tonight at Ocean Plaza’s Coastal Ecology Dinner Lecture.  The Lecture begins at 7pm inside the Dolphin Reef located on 1401 Strand Ave.   Please call 786-7777 for more information on tonight’s lecture.

Dinner Lecture at Ocean Plaza

About the Dolphin Project:
THE DOLPHIN PROJECT was organized in 1989 after a mass die-off of dolphins on the Eastern seaboard of the United States. Scientists and volunteers came together to count the dolphins and photograph their dorsal fins (comparable to a human fingerprint for identification). These actions help monitor the health of the dolphins which are the sentinel species of their estuarine environment. Since we share this environment, the well-being of these dolphins impacts our well-being too.


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