Tin Can Tourists

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10155115_10202038000580048_6366301632200534362_nAll the lucky ducks that will be on Tybee April 25th for the wine festival and/or Turtle Trot are going to be hit with an extra special treat! The Tin Can Tourists will be making their way back to the island with all their vintage RVs on display for you to see from 11-4pm! They have booked virtually the entire River’s End Campground for the weekend and plan on opening their units to the public following that morning’s Trot.

Tickets are $10 each this year, children under 10 are free. Seaside Sisters will sell  printed tickets in advance and the day of the tour at the shop. The guests will, in turn, take that printed ticket to the campground to exchange it for a wristband to allow entry into any trailer on the tour. Wristbands will be sold directly at the campground the day of the tour, at a designated table. You can come into the campground for free, but won’t be able to get into the trailers unless you have a wristband on.


Volunteers for this event will also be needed. Last year it was so fun, and each volunteer made over $100 each to take to their charity of choice. Volunteers are needed for these jobs : directing parking and information (aprox 6 people), selling tickets at the campground at a designated spot ( aprox 4 people), ticket for wristband exchangers (6 people), 4 -6 others to help out in general where needed. When the tour is over, volunteers will need to clean up the ticket sales area, fold up tables and chairs, and remove parking and directional signs, and return all of it to Seaside Sisters.







  • Terry Ann Brown
    March 7, 2016 at 7:24 am

    Having trouble finding dates for 2016 vintage trailers..to view

    • Charissa
      March 8, 2016 at 10:21 am

      Currently they are not planning on returning this year.

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