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When I am travelling to a new place, one of my favorite activities is to visit locally owned art galleries. This helps me get a true understanding of the people and the culture I am experiencing. Tybee Island is a very diverse place and made up of some extremely unique individuals. You can find local artwork all over the island but these are some of my favorite places to go…

Atlantic Beacon Co-Op

1621837_661643717214964_1727341492_nFounded by local artist Debbie Brady Robinson, Atlantic Beacon Co-Op features the the efforts of several talented individuals.  In the gallery you will find exquisite paintings, lithograph and giclee prints, jewelry, pottery, stained glass, photography, sculpture, mosaic art, fine crafts and collectibles.  Pretty much any medium you can think of!  Participating artists are encouraged to bring along projects that can be worked on during their shift or set aside time to participate in demonstrations at the gallery. Everyone enjoys watching an artist at work and hearing about their creative process. These are memories that last forever and may turn a ‘customer’ into a ‘collector.’

Fish Art 

394673_507053949320943_585174041_nFish Art is a really special place for me and easily one of my favorite Tybee Art Galleries. I could literally spend hours pouring over all the treasures that spill out of the store, onto the porch, and wherever artist Ralph Douglas Jones can put them!  Ralph genuinely inspires people to smile with his larger than life sculptures of fish, mermaids, and other aquatic creatures.  He also creates fountains out of discarded musical instruments.  He proves that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure and it is a fascinating experience to watch his ideas come to life.

The Irritable Pelican

1979753_626898780680326_1857660998_nRecently Rebecca Rice, owner of The Irritable Pelican, has partnered with Brad Hook and John Deahl owners of Gallery Brrajon. These three incredible artists share one space that is a MUST VISIT while you are staying on the island.   Only local artists are displayed and all three are deeply involved in supporting the Tybee Arts Association.  Brad is well known on Tybee for his water color classes he teaches at the Firehouse Art Center.  The work they do for the Tybee Community is only surpassed by their outstanding talent.  


Tybee is a small island but big when it comes to talent! By visiting these local galleries, you will begin to develop more of an appreciation for our oceans which serve as such an inspiration, for not just the artists, but to all the people that call Tybee home.


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