Beach Run on Tybee Island

Tybee Beach Run

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Attention All Runners!!  Plan on being on Tybee this March 31st for a 5k run.  Bring your children because there is a kiddie mile run too!  The run begins at 9am at the North Beach Grill.  It is $25 to register until March 24th, $30 up til the morning of the 5k, $15 for the kiddie mile.  Funds are going to the Christian Medical Association to off-set the cost of the transportation and medical supplies for their July mission to Guaimaca, Honduras to help Hospital Bautista.

Let’s show our support for these selfless volunteers that give so much of themselves to help others!  For more information on the Tybee Beach Run and the upcoming July mission please follow this link: and you can register here at\

Beach Run on Tybee Island


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