Tybee Blood Drive

Tybee Island Blood Drives

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Here is a list a the dates for the Tybee Island Fire Department sponsored Tybee Blood Drive events:
April 12
June 7
August 9
October 4
December 20

The hours of each of those operations are 2pm to 7pm, and they are held at the cafeteria by the YMCA.

Tybee Blood Drive

Your donations of blood are what make the American Red Cross the largest single supplier of blood and blood products in the U.S. Each year, nearly 4 million people donate blood through the Red Cross, helping to provide more than 40% of America’s blood supply.

If you already donate blood, thank you! You are making a lifesaving contribution that benefits accident victims, cancer patients, surgical candidates, children with blood disorders and many others. If you have never donated blood, please consider doing so. Your donations are always in constant demand.

American Red Cross


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