Tybee Breaks the Old Record for Sea Turtle Nests!

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This is a huge year for Georgia’s Sea Turtles! So far there are more than 2,ooo nests recorded from Cumberland Island to Tybee. This count is almost twice the number that we usually see for this time of year. “This is significant because we have been averaging approximately 1,000 nests a year over the last 25 years,” said Mark Dodd, a biologist with the Department of Natural Resources. “Perhaps more important is the trend we have seen over the last eight years suggesting an increasing nesting population.” Cumberland Island with over 18 miles of beach has broken its record of 366 nests. There are over 600 nests located on the Island right now, and the Sea Turtles will nest into the first couple of weeks in August! Tybee is up to at least 20 nests and we hope for more! Georgia’s population of loggerheads are considered a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. The recovery goal for the state is 2,800 nests annually and it is looking like this goal may become a reality soon!
For more information on Tybee Sea Turtles, please go to the Tybee Sea Turtle Project Face Book Page:  www.facebook.com


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