Tybee Floatilla “Will Float for Safety!”

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The Tybee Floatilla “Will Float for Safety” benefiting the Tybee Police, Tybee Fire Dept, Tybee Ocean Rescue, Tybee Marine Rescue Squad, and IAFF Local 574 Savannah Firefighters will be on Sunday July 29 @ 11am at the Back River Alley III. You MUST register for this event and there is a cap of 250 floaters allowed to attend. Registration begins July 2 on www.TybeeFloatilla.com for $30, The Crab Shack for $25, and The Resgiter Law Firm for $25. There is a $5 convenience fee for registering online. You will receive a entry wrist band and a koozie upon registration. You will receive a Tybee Floatilla “Will Float for Safety” t-shirt at The Crab Shack once the float is over. “Like” Floatilla, Inc. and see the “notes” for ALL the details. (REGISTRATION STARTS JULY 1 AT THE CRAB SHACK AND JULY 2 ONLINE AT WWW.TYBEEFLOATILLA.COM) Floatilla, INC. is a non-profit organization that raises awareness & money for charities based in the Coastal Empire.
tybeefloatilla.com  <–  Register Here!

http://www.facebook.com/TybeeFloatilla  Like them on Facebook!


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