What’s a town to dune? How Tybee Island is using native plants to stabilize sand dunes

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Research on Tybee’s dune plant system is now underway by Georgia Southern University. You can follow this fascinating project by checking out updates on the city’s  FaceBook page every first Friday of the month. You can learn what flowers are blooming on the dunes, how the dunes are changing, and what this means for coastal […]

HELP: Barabbas & the Junkanoo Tribe were among those devastated by Hurricane Dorian

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Barabbas & the Junkanoo Tribe were among those devastated by Hurricane Dorian when it hit the Bahamas. Donate today! Hurricane Dorian made landfall in the Bahamas on September 1, 2019, and stalled over the islands for several days, devastating the region. Our friends (and yours) Barabbas and the Junkanoo Tribe were among those that lost […]

10 Things To Do On Tybee

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Spring Time on Tybee Island

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Spring has Sprung on Tybee Island You can really tell that its Springtime on Tybee Island. From the azaleas blooming to the smiles you see on everyone’s faces, the warm sun is bringing out the best the beach has to offer. This is a fantastic time to get outdoors and take in all the natural […]

A Letter from our Mayor: Helping Members of the U.S. Coast Guard

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Marine Rescue Squadron, Tybee Island, GA is collecting gift cards for the Coast Guard and you can help! From Tybee Island, GA Mayor Jason Buelterman Tybee and the Savannah area are served by several local Coast Guard units: the Coast Guard Air Station at Hunter, the Savannah Marine Safety Unit, the Aid to Navigation Unit, the Cutter Unit […]

Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee

How to Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee

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It’s really not that warm outside but don’t let that stop you from heading out to the beach! The cooler temperatures actually bring opportunities that are missed when the weather heats up. So throw on a couple extra layers and have some fun! Here’s How to Enjoy a Cold Day at Tybee! Picture taking is incredible […]

Thanksgiving on Tybee

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Tired of spending Thanksgiving alone or with relatives you’d rather not claim? Why be miserable when you can spend Thanksgiving at the beach? Holidays can be stressful, there are siblings that do so much better than you financially, obnoxious nieces and nephews, an aunt that loves to tell you how much weight you’ve gained…these people […]

Notice: Tybee Island Lighthouse Observation Deck & Tower

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Tybee Lighthouse Observation Deck and Tower to be Closed The Tybee Island Lighthouse’s observation deck and tower will be closed from February 5th – March 17th, 2018 for the restoration of the historic windows. The rest of the site will remain open. This includes the Headkeeper’s Cottage, 2nd Assistant Keeper’s Cottage, Summer Kitchen, and Tybee […]

Riding Out a Hurricane

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Let me start this by saying if it is above a Category 1 and you live on the water, don’t ride out the storm. Just get out.

Best Drinks for the Beach

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Best Drinks for the Beach I refuse to feel bad for saying this but one of my favorite summertime hobbies is drinking at the beach. Listening to the waves, digging my feet in the sand, and soaking up the sun is plenty relaxing BUT it goes into overdrive when I have a delicious ice cold […]

Packing Lunch for the Beach

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Tips for Packing Lunch at the Beach If you are taking the time to plan for a beach day on Tybee, chances are you are going to be there for the long haul. Inevitably, you will get hungry. Here are some tips for what you should pack in your cooler and bring to the beach to […]

anti-litter logo

Help pick Tybee’s new anti-litter logo!

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We need your help in picking Tybee Island’s new anti litter campaign #FIGHTDIRTY Logo! Browse below for your chance to cast a vote for your favorite! About: Fight Dirty! is a grassroots, collaborative effort to promote a litter-free island and reduce the impact of harmful substances on Tybee’s marine environment. Following two community workshops focusing […]

Beating Beach Boredom

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Beating Beach Boredom Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the sounds of waves crashing along a shore line, to be sipping a cocktail when the sun sets, and feeling the cool sand in between your toes? Put yourself right there. Nice, isn’t it? You can almost smell the salt air, right? Now imagine your children […]

What not to Pack

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A Tybee beach vacation should be about good times and relaxation rather than the tedious packing and preparations. If thoughts of loading your car with bikes, baby gear, beach toys, beach umbrellas and beach chairs make you just want to stay home, sit back and breathe a sigh of relief. Tybee Island has several rental […]

Tin Can Tourists

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All the lucky ducks that will be on Tybee April 25th for the wine festival and/or Turtle Trot are going to be hit with an extra special treat! The Tin Can Tourists will be making their way back to the island with all their vintage RVs on display for you to see from 11-4pm! They have […]

Junkanoo is Back

Junkanoo is Back!

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Friday, March 13th, is when Barabbas and the Tribe, renowned Junkanoo performers, back to Tybee Island!  There will be many opportunities to experience a Junkanoo “Rush” first hand during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Look for Barabbas and the Tribe in Tybee’s parade on Saturday, March 14th at 3pm and Savannah’s parade on March 17th. […]

Saint Patricks Day Celebration

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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Welcome back Budweiser Clydesdales! Perhaps St. Patrick wouldn’t be so happy to see how we celebrate his religious feast day here on Tybee and Savannah but I can tell you it is a heck of a good time! Tybee is going green on March 14th with a fun, family friendly parade. It begins at City Hall […]

Last Minute Shopping

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Well, you have booked your romantic weekend to Tybee Island, made your dinner reservations, but then remembered….you have no small token of your affection that your dear lady love can unwrap. Whatever you do, don’t panic! Tybee Island has several shops and galleries that  contain unique treasures that any discerning lady will adore. If you […]

Valentine’s Dining on Tybee

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Since Valentine’s day falls on a Saturday this year, why don’t you really impress your sweetie with a weekend trip to Tybee Island, Georgia? Forget the same boring, lame chocolates, roses, and hastily bought jewelry that costs too much and isn’t very original or fun. A couple nights at the beach is a much more […]

Sea Kayak Georgia

Tybee Senior Paddling

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Calling all Tybee and Savannah Seniors! Want to find a new beneficial activity to help you feel fit and in shape? Why not try kayaking?  It is low impact and easy on the joints, can potentially be a full body work out (great for the abs), you can paddle as fast or as slow as […]

Dogs on the Beach?

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One of the frequent complaints we hear about Tybee Island is that there is no place on the beach for dogs to play.  At the current time, dogs are not allowed anywhere on Tybee’s beach and violators are subject to a $290 fine plus court cost for the first offense. There are two dog parks […]

5 (more) Things to Do on Tybee

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Even though Tybee is well known for its beautiful beach, there is so much more to the island than just a day lounging in the sun. No one will argue that listening to the waves with your toes in the sand, is pretty much the most fantastic way to spend a day, but there is […]

Tybee Mardi Gras 2015

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New Orleans may be celebrating Mardi Gras 2015 on February 17th, but we on Tybee Island will be having our own celebration this February 14th. Sure it won’t be as loud, wild, and frenzied as the celebrations in The Big Easy, but Tybee adds its own distinctive flavor to the gumbo of revelry! The Street […]

5 Best Tybee Photos

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While enjoying a trip to the best little beach town, it’s always a good idea to know the best places for those perfect Tybee photos. Whether you are visiting Tybee for the first time, or returning for another round of fun, there are plenty of iconic photo spots to capture that special moment to enjoy […]

Planning a Tybee Wedding

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  Warm beaches, sandy toes, and the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline make an absolutely picture perfect background for any blushing bride! BUT….. Planning a Tybee Wedding (or any wedding) can be tricky business, so let us help you out! Choosing a Venue Of course getting married directly on the beach is always […]

oceanfront cottages

Finding a Vacation Rental

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Finding a Vacation Rental So you’ve decided to rent a home or beach side condo for your next trip or family vacation. That’s fantastic! But where do you begin? When searching for the right vacation rental that fits your specific needs it can be absolutely overwhelming, so we have compiled a list of our favorite […]

feeding seagulls

Feeding Seagulls

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Please DO NOT FEED the Seagulls! Your toes are in the sand, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing onto the beach, your rum drink is icy cold and delicious, but right as you go to take a bite of that sub sandwich you brought with you to the beach- a large flock of […]

Tybee Rainy Days

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It happened again!  You pack up the family and take the trip to Tybee that everyone’s been all excited about, only to have your plans ruined by nature. Forget enjoying a beautiful, sunny day! Instead you get rain, grey skies, or maybe just cold, damp, nastiness. Do not despair. It never seems to rain for […]

Tybee Romantic Getaways

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Tybee Romantic Getaways Since daily life always seems to interfere with the romantic time we get to spend with our partners, a surprise romantic getaway to Tybee Island may be just the thing to add some anticipation, excitement, and romance back into a relationship! Whether you’ve been a couple for ages and need a break […]

Tybee For the New Year

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Looking to see a big spectacle on New Year’s Eve, but horrified by the thought of pushing your way through the throngs in Savannah, GA? Don’t forget, you always have an alternative on Tybee Island! Join the revelers on Tybee’s south end and enjoy live music, drink specials, and of course the fireworks at midnight!