How to Impress Your Valentine on Tybee Island

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Rife with rosy expectations of relationship bliss, Valentine’s Day is one of the most anxiety-inducing holidays that comes around each year. The pressure to create a perfect picture of romance for your loved one – and, invariably, the social media sphere – can be crippling.

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Four Reasons You’ve Got to Visit Tybee in 2018

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Four Reasons You’ve Got to Visit Tybee in 2018 2017 was a big year for Savannah’s beach, and 2018 is set to be just as great. Life is always good on the island, so if you haven’t taken a trip to Tybee in the past, be sure to include it on your list of New […]

New Year’s on Tybee Island

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New Year’s on Tybee Island   If you don’t know much about Savannah’s beach, Tybee Island, the New Year presents a timely opportunity to get acquainted with this special isle. Tybee isn’t your typical languid beach community; we know how to get festive! The island really sparkles and shines throughout the entire holiday season, but […]

2017 tybee island pirate festival

Guide to Tybee Island Pirate Festival 2017

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2017 Tybee Island Pirate Festival Avast ye, scurvy dogs! An event of seismic proportion is drawing nearer, and it ain’t for the faint of heart. Now in its 13th year, the 2017 Tybee Island Pirate Festival will sail in on Thursday, October 5th, and the seaworthy celebration will continue all weekend long. Pirate parties, parades and […]

Tybee Island Openings after Irma

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We have received many request as to what Tybee businesses are open in the aftermath of Irma. Below is a list of confirmed openings and closures. Not all businesses are listed, just those that we have heard from. We will update as we are informed. Restaurants / Bars, Etc: Hucapoos – open Stingrays – open […]

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Tybee Island – The Perfect Wedding Destination

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Tybee Island is The Perfect Wedding Destination Destination Weddings are the perfect way to bring two families together.  Not only do you get several days of Wedding bliss but your guests get a little vacation out of it too! The key is to plan bonding events for your wedding guests to meet. This is a […]

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These Tybee Vacation Rentals are Perfect for your Fall Vacation!

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These Tybee Vacation Rentals are Perfect for your Fall Vacation! Planning a fall vacation to Tybee Island is always a good idea. Temperatures on the Island regularly stay in the 70s and 80s well into November, the summer crowds have all gone home and children have gone back to school. This leaves the beach open […]

What are the Dog Days of Summer?

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What are the Dog Days of Summer? If you are like most people you probably believe that the phrase “dog days of summer” comes from the fact that dogs tend to lay around a bunch when they get really hot. Well duh, we would too if we were wearing a fur coat in the sunshine.  […]

Tybee Fall Vacation

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Are you Planning a Tybee Fall Vacation? During the fall, many people choose to admire Mother Nature’s dazzling palette while driving through a forest of gold-and-crimson trees. Here on Tybee, we can’t offer you that. However, we can assure you the best beach vacation without the summer crowds. Spend your autumn gazing at the majestic […]

Best Summer Night Hangouts

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Best Summer Night Hangouts on Tybee With pristine sand beaches and the bright, shining sun casting its glittering reflection over the great Atlantic Ocean, nothing compares to a beautiful summer day on Tybee Island. Summer is when the island is in its prime. The days are long and filled with adventure – kayaking, fishing, paddleboarding, […]

Last-minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Last-minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas Lumped in with college graduation celebrations, prime wedding season and hype for the upcoming summer solstice, Fathers Day doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Advertisement media channels usually pull out all the stops for the buildup to the national celebration of moms – complete with flower and jewelry ads, […]

Refresh and Revitalize

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Refresh and Revitalize: The Importance of Taking Time Out for Yourself We are all frequently told just how important it is to take time out for ourselves, but very few of us actually give ourselves permission to take the time out we need to do so. Are you feeling stressed, under pressure and in need […]

4 Tips for Overseas Visitors

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Top 4 Tips for Overseas Visitors to Tybee Island Tybee Island attracts incredible numbers of visitors every year. Whilst the vast majority of these visitors are traveling from inside the domestic United States, we are also proud to receive a significant number of overseas visitors from all around the world. Tybee Island is considered to […]

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Easter Dining on Tybee

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Where to Dine this Easter A holiday for piety, pastels and painted eggs, Easter is an enjoyable time for all. Families and friends come together this day each year to celebrate and create lasting memories – many of which are shared over a nice mid morning meal. Don’t spoil your holiday by spending it bent […]

Best Drinks for the Beach

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Best Drinks for the Beach I refuse to feel bad for saying this but one of my favorite summertime hobbies is drinking at the beach. Listening to the waves, digging my feet in the sand, and soaking up the sun is plenty relaxing BUT it goes into overdrive when I have a delicious ice cold […]

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Now Hiring on Tybee!

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Now Hiring on Tybee Island! Season is here on Tybee Island and many of our island businesses are in need of help. If you are looking for a job on Tybee, now is the time. Take a look at our now hiring listings for April 2017. Rock House: is hiring cooks, bartenders, bussers, hostesses, barbacks and […]

Tybee Summer Camps

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Our Top 5 Tybee Summer Camps for Kids Tybee Island boast several fun filled summer camps for kids.  Whether you’re a Savannah or Tybee local or visiting for the week these camps are the perfect mix of fun and education, satisfying every fascination from dolphin watching to the arts.  So instead of sitting around this […]

Tybee Spring Break

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Spring Break on Tybee Island It’s that time of the year again!  You and your friends are ready to block out the memories of last semester and book a trip to some overplayed spring break destination.  But why not try something different this year, something less commercial, not so plastic? Instead of long nights beating […]

Planning a Sunny Getaway?

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Are your thoughts drifting to a sunny getaway, far from everyday life? If soft, golden sand and soothing ocean breezes are calling your name, now is the time to book a Tybee Beach Vacation! Only 20 short minutes from Historic Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island was recently honored by Fodor’s as one of eight “Best Family […]

Christmas Day Meals

Christmas Day Meals

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Christmas Day Meals on Tybee Island After the enormous effort of Thanksgiving Dinner, you might not be thrilled to turn around just four weeks later and prepare another gargantuan feast for Christmas. Whether you’re burnt out from Turkey Day, unprepared for Christmas or simply would rather have someone else worry about the food, Tybee’s got […]

Your Tybee New Year

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Start Your New Year Off Right with a Tybee Island Getaway The new year comes annually, yet for some reason, its imminence is always a surprise. Time really does fly. It’s hard to believe that 2016 is pretty much over, but like always the time has come to redirect our attention toward the future. Starting the […]

Fall into Fashion

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Fall into Fashion at these Tybee Boutiques The changing of seasons signals a necessary style update. Now that fall is bringing in cooler weather, it’s time for chic sweaters, printed scarves and beautiful boots to make their return to the fashion forefront. If your closet is lacking awesome autumnal threads, no worries. Tybee’s shopping scene […]

Tybee Thanksgiving Musical

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Tybee Thanksgiving Musical Celebration …. and Roof-Raising for the Post Broadway innovator Jim Wann, a part-time Tybee resident, will host a lively holiday concert to benefit the Tybee Post Theater, now in need of a new roof after Hurricane Matthew. Also performing will be popular standards and gospel singer Kim Polote, […]

pizza on tybee island

Pizza on Tybee

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Where to Eat Pizza on Tybee Chantel Baul The month of October is significant for a number of well-known reasons. As pink ribbons adorn the nation, it’s clear that October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. The National Hispanic Heritage Month is also observed during October. With sweet treats, great gifts and festive decorations abundant […]

Tybee Island Reopenings

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Tybee Island Reopening’s After Hurricane Matthew Nice try Hurricane Matthew but you can’t keep a strong lady down! While Tybee did take a beating it could have always been worse. 7 days after evacuation we are trying to get back to normal here on the Island. Here is a list of island businesses that are open […]

LoCo To Go

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LoCo To Go from The Original Crab Shack: Our taste of the Low Country shipped to your door! So, what exactly is LoCo To Go anyway? LoCo To Go is not “crazy” to go, it’s LOw COuntry To Go! Low Country cuisine is a cooking style traditionally associated with the Georgia coast and South Carolina. […]

History Buff’s Guide to Tybee

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A History Buff’s Guide to Tybee Island Tybee Island is just miles away from one of the nation’s most celebrated historic districts. And while Savannah is brimming with history dating as far back as birth of the nation, Tybee boasts a rich historic prominence of its own. There are a number of important landmarks on […]

Hotel Tybee

Book your Fall Stay

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Book Your Fall Stay at Tybee’s Best Beach Accommodations Chantel Baul When it comes to travel, there’s little worse than having your perfectly planned trip completely derailed by a bad hotel room. If you’ve ever waited anxiously for your annual warm weather getaway only to find yourself in the surroundings of an uninviting, lackluster room, […]

Souvenirs from Tybee

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Souvenirs to Take Back from Your Trip to Tybee by Chantel Baul It’s a sad but true fact of life: Every vacation must come to an end. This very reality is what motivates us to snap picture after picture for our photo books and Instagrams. We want to hold on to the memories we make […]

End of Summer Fun

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4 Things to Do on Tybee Island before the End of Summer End of Summer Fun by Chantel Baul The start of the school year marks the end of summer for students around the country. But unless you’re pursuing post-secondary education, that probably has nothing to do with you. September 22 marks the first day […]