Where to Find a Cold Treat

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Where to Find a Cold Treat on Tybee by Chantel Baul Scientists have confirmed it, 2016 has been the planet’s hottest year on record. But you probably didn’t need an expert to tell you that. Anyone who steps outside can feel the sizzling summer heat. Fortunately, Tybee Island has everything needed to handle the overly-warm […]

exploring tybee island beaches

Exploring Tybee

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Exploring Tybee Island’s Beaches When you’re visiting the Savannah area, be sure to plan some time to visit the beach on Tybee Island. With its wide sandy oceanfront, there is plenty of space for beach combing, and as I often tell folks, “you never know what you might see on Tybee’s beach!” As a marine […]

Sunset from Coco's Sunset Grill Tybee

Where to Dine Alfresco

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Where to Dine Alfresco on the Island You don’t have to be a restaurateur to know that a relaxing, scenic environment is the perfect accompaniment to every dish. And really, what better dining venue is there than a beautifully-crafted patio overlooking endless sky and sea? For those auspicious islanders, alfresco dining is pretty much a […]

Ways to Make a Splash

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Ways to Make a Splash Out on the Water this Summer by Chantel Baul Summer is to the year what the weekend is to the week. And at last, like a beloved recurrent dream, it is upon us once again. You know the drill; rising temperatures inspire your escape to a watery haven, and who […]

Beachview Bed and Breakfast

A Day at the Beachview

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A Day at the Beachview Bed and Breakfast by Karen Kelly owner of the Beachview Bed & Breakfast Are you curious what a day in the life of a Beachview Bed and Breakfast guest might be like. Here is your chance to find out! Let owner Karen Kelly take you on a typical day as […]


5 Options for Kid Fun

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5 Options for Kid-Friendly Fun on Tybee Island by Chantel Baul  If Alice Cooper’s 1972 hit, “School’s Out for Summer” isn’t already ringing in your head, it probably is now. No one suffers longer in anticipation of the sunny season than the kids. The last day of school is jubilee. No more tests, no more […]

The Most “Tybee” Day

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Have the Most “Tybee” Day Ever By Kaci Frick of Natural Retreats  There’s nothing more satisfying than waking up in an island paradise, knowing that a perfect, summer day lies ahead. On Tybee Island, perfect summer days are not hard to come by. The ocean breeze is warm, the streets are decorated with brightly colored […]

Vote Tybee Island!

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Vote Tybee Island as Best Beach in America! WOW! Thank you all so much for helping us make it to round 4  in Coastal Living Magazine: The Best Beach in America 2016! Give us a vote and help us continue on! Vote below for your favorite. Don’t forget to check back in and vote in […]

Animals on Tybee's Beach

Animals on Tybee’s Beach

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Animals on Tybee’s beach A Few of the “What is this?”   Because of Tybee Island’s location between Cape Hatteras, NC, and Cape Canaveral, FL, we are in an overlap or transition zone between cool-water and tropical coastal marine faunas and floras. So we get to see plants and animals from both areas. Tybee is […]

Best of Tybee – Vote Now!

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We would like to give you the visitor a voice in who you think is the best of Tybee! Every week over the next month we will ask you our visitors to tell us your favorite in each category we select! We will then give the winners a People’s Choice Award.   Week 4: So where is […]

Holiday Dining

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2015 Holiday Dining on Tybee Island Is this the year that you take it easy and let someone else take care of the “food frenzy”? Well then, you have come to the right place! Many of Tybee’s wonderful dining establishments will be open and ready to share their cooking with you for the holidays. Thanksgiving […]

Small Business Saturday

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Small Business Saturday is November 28th!   Small Business Saturday falls between “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday” every year. On Tybee we celebrate our locally owned and operated businesses throughout the year and SBS is one special day to do just that! This nationwide event is when consumers, like you, hit the pavement and show your […]

Shelling on Tybee

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Searching Tybee’s Shores Fall is the best time to go shelling on Tybee. The summer crowds have left the beach, leaving a wide swath of sand to explore. While there’s no set method to finding shells, there are certain times when you are more likely to find treasures than others.   Going in the early morning […]

Protect the Coastal Wildlife

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Everyone loves baby sea turtles! The shape of their little flippers, their geometric-patterned shells, their big eyes and smiling faces are all visually appealing. Their tiny size and struggle to run to the ocean bring out our maternal instincts, inspiring us to say, “Awwwww!” The oldest known sea turtle fossils are estimated to be about 150 […]

Fate, Food and Love

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The story of Tybee Island Social Club, Fish Camp and soon to come Bờ Biển Hut. by Leah Ryals Necessity has given the world innovation. Love and passion has brought forth art and music. And, fate has awarded little Tybee Island, Georgia with the gift of fabulous food, heavenly wines, top-notch cocktails and ambiance that will have […]

Tybee Jellyfish

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Tybee Jellyfish As you walk Tybee’s beach you are likely to see a variety of animals that live in the sand or have washed up from off shore. So it’s not only seashells, sand dollars and fossil shark teeth that you might find; but you are also likely to see animals such as sponges, soft […]


Beachcombing on Tybee

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Beachcombing on Tybee Island Have you ever found something on the beach that you couldn’t identify? It appeared to be a creature of some kind, but you just weren’t sure! In the olden days, we had to go to the library or pull out the home encyclopedia to do a little research, but now we […]

Beating Beach Boredom

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Beating Beach Boredom Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the sounds of waves crashing along a shore line, to be sipping a cocktail when the sun sets, and feeling the cool sand in between your toes? Put yourself right there. Nice, isn’t it? You can almost smell the salt air, right? Now imagine your children […]

The New Hotel Tybee

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Tybee Island’s largest hotel/motel complex has been renamed! The Ocean Plaza Resort has new owners and management staff and is now called HOTEL TYBEE.  They have completed phase one of a three-part renovation plan and look forward to seeing more visitors and locals. Hotel Tybee is 100 feet from the beach and a block away from Tybrisa […]

Keep Tybee Tidy!

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Keep Tybee Tidy!  Leave only your footprints! By Tybee Life We love Tybee – its unique ambiance, friendly people, quirky characters, historic lighthouse and homes, delicious local food, interesting shops, talented musicians, creative artists, and the beach! Tybee has become very popular, with thousands of people on the beach during the summer, which sometimes results […]

Sharks at the Beach

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Over the years, sharks have gotten a bad rap as bloodthirsty man-eaters. We challenge you to take a second look at these magnificent creatures and to fight fear with facts. World wide there are only 70 shark attacks per year. You have a 1 in 63 chance of dying from the flu and a 1 […]

Unspoken Beach Rules

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Unspoken Beach Rules Going to the beach is pretty much the best part of a summer vacation. Everyone is relaxed and having a great time. But wait…why are people staring at you like you’ve suddenly grown a third eyeball? Why are people muttering under their breath and scooching their chairs and towels as far from […]

How to Dress as a Beach Bride

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How to Dress as a Beach Bride on Tybee Island Of course we’re not really here to tell you how to dress for your big day, but we can give you some suggestions that will leave you infinitely more comfortable! If you are planning on tying the knot on Tybee during these looooong months of […]

Watermans Camp

Waterman’s Camp Dates

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Parents should be at ease when their children are out in the water. The North Island Surf & Kayak Watermans Camp will instill and refine the essential skills that will ensure your children’s personal safety. All of the instructors are highly qualified watermen with years of lifesaving and instructional experience! The meaning of the term “Waterman” […]

Direct Flights from Ohio

Direct Flights from Ohio

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Great news for all of our Ohio fans! The Savannah Hilton Head Airport announced today that Allegiant airlines will be bringing three new direct flights from Ohio airports. The airline plans to carry direct flights from Savannah to Akron, Cincinnati, and Columbus, Ohio. These fares will begin as early as May, just in time to plan your […]

Charter Fishing on Tybee

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It may be cold outside but it isn’t too early to start planning your spring fishing trip with Amick’s Deep Sea Fishing. For the past 37 seasons, Captain Amick and his crew have been fully dedicated to providing patrons with a first class fishing service.  Whether you are looking for a full or half day of […]

Tybee Puppy Love

Tybee Puppy Love

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Mermaid Cottage’s Tybee Puppy Love Mermaid Cottages does so much for our four legged friends! They offer pet friendly rentals, volunteer with pet rescues and sponsor puppies for Guide Dog and Service Dog training. For the entire month of February, their theme is “Puppy Love” and they will let our fur babies stay for FREE (no […]

Cycling on Tybee

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Tybee Island…Cycling in the Slow Lane Cycling on Tybee Island is one of the best ways to see the sights. It also allows you nature lovers to get up close to the diverse animals and fauna found on the island. Tybee offers a slower pace of beach life, with quaint cottages on palm lined residential streets. […]

Planning a Tybee Wedding

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  Warm beaches, sandy toes, and the sounds of waves crashing on the shoreline make an absolutely picture perfect background for any blushing bride! BUT….. Planning a Tybee Wedding (or any wedding) can be tricky business, so let us help you out! Choosing a Venue Of course getting married directly on the beach is always […]

oceanfront cottages

Finding a Vacation Rental

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Finding a Vacation Rental So you’ve decided to rent a home or beach side condo for your next trip or family vacation. That’s fantastic! But where do you begin? When searching for the right vacation rental that fits your specific needs it can be absolutely overwhelming, so we have compiled a list of our favorite […]