St. Patrick's Day Tybee Shuttle

St. Patrick’s Day Tybee Shuttle

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St. Patrick’s Day Tybee Shuttle Schedule With the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in Savannah right around the corner, and in order to ensure safety and to provide a service to all of you Old Savannah Tours will have a shuttle service to downtown from Midtown Savannah and Tybee Island. The cost of this service will be $15 […]

tybee restaurant week

Tybee Restaurant Week is Here!

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Tybee Restaurant Week is Here! January 12-21, 2018   Beginning January 12 through January 21st Tybee Island will be celebrating Tybee Restaurant Week! Each participating restaurant will offer a 3-course, prix fixe dinner menus at a price of $25 to $30 per person. A “prix fixe” menu is simply a menu of pre-determined items presented […]

Perseid Meteor Shower

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Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower from Tybee’s Shores this Weekend! Looking to do something out of the ordinary this weekend? August 11-12 and August 12-13, 2017 are the peak nights of the 2017 Perseid meteor shower. Grab a blanket, snacks and your beverage of choice so you can head over to Tybee’s beach for nature’s […]

last days of summer seaside sweets

Last Days of Summer

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Last Days of Summer on Tybee Summer will be over before you know it and the kids will be back in school. But there is still some time to squeeze in a little more summer fun on Tybee Island. Here’s a short list of some end of the summer activities you won’t want to miss […]

Last-minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

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Last-minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas Lumped in with college graduation celebrations, prime wedding season and hype for the upcoming summer solstice, Fathers Day doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. Advertisement media channels usually pull out all the stops for the buildup to the national celebration of moms – complete with flower and jewelry ads, […]

Summertime Movies in the Park

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Summertime Movies in the Park The summer series of Movies in the Park at Memorial Park on Tybee Island begins again this June.  The third Saturday of June, July, and August, family friendly movies will be shown at Memorial Park when the stars in the sky shine bright enough to let the stars be seen […]

2017 Tybee Wine Festival

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Join Us for the 2017 Tybee Wine Festival! In less than two weeks, it’ll be the start of the 2017 Tybee Wine Festival, our island’s is an annual springtime celebration of wine and coastal cuisine. Presented by the Tybee Post Theater, this year’s event, May 4-6, features three days of international wines, fine food, and, […]

Tybee Spring Break

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Spring Break on Tybee Island It’s that time of the year again!  You and your friends are ready to block out the memories of last semester and book a trip to some overplayed spring break destination.  But why not try something different this year, something less commercial, not so plastic? Instead of long nights beating […]

Ghost Crab Tybee beach ecology trips

Holes, Bumps and Trails in the Sand

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Holes, Bumps and Trails in the Sand by Dr. Joe Richardson – Tybee Beach Ecology Trips When you are walking along Tybee’s beach, you are actually traversing across a wide, dynamic habitat for a number of animals that mostly go unnoticed.  The marine biological term for animals that live “in” the bottom is infauna.  Some […]

Savannah Music Festival

Savannah Music Festival

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5 Must-See Shows at the Savannah Music Festival In today’s sensationalized, hypersonic, social media-crazed popular culture, we seem to be losing our appreciation for real, good music. As a multifaceted genre, music has always been one of the strongest binding forces among people. Regardless of whether you know the language in which a song is […]

Surviving Beach Bum Parade

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Surviving Beach Bum Parade The annual Tybee Beach Bum Parade will take place on Friday, May 18, 2018. This FREE event is a favorite with both locals and visitors to Tybee Island. The parade goes all the way down Butler Avenue and features and island wide water fight! Kids love it and so do adults who […]

greening of the fountain - st. patrick's day savannah

Your Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

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Your Ultimate Guide to St. Patrick’s Day in the South March is a month marked by longer days, warmer winds and the world’s greatest green celebration. Let’s be honest, we can all use a little luck o’ the Irish right about now, so we’re all the more fortunate that March is finally here. While Savannah […]

The Junkanoo

The Junkanoo are back!

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The Junkanoo are back!  Once again, Tybee Island’s Crab Shack will be hosting everyone’s favorite Junkanoo performers Barabbas and the Tribe direct from Nassau, Bahamas!!! They will arrive, ready to celebrate, March 10th (FRIDAY!!) They will be performing in Tybee Island’s Irish Heritage Parade Saturday, March 11th at 3pm. All week (March 10-18th) they will be […]

tybee arts association

Where to Get Creative

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Where to Get Creative on Tybee Tybee Island isn’t just a prime destination for surfers, vacationers and retirees, the pristine barrier isle is a great place for creative minds too. The island’s natural beauty alone sparks the imagination, but Tybee has a whole lot more to offer in terms of creative places and spaces. Whether […]

Winter on Tybee

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7 Things to Do this Winter on Tybee You don’t need a forecast to tell you that things are starting to cool way down. Although the solstice is still more than a week away, we can go ahead and agree that winter is pretty much here. While temperatures across the country may dip below freezing, […]

tybee for the holidays

2016 Tybee for the Holidays

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2016 Tybee for the Holidays   The most festive time of year is fast approaching, and the good people of Tybee Island are excited about it. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of spending the holidays on this grand barrier isle, you’re missing out on a splendid season of jubilee. Watch Tybee light up […]

holiday shopping

Holiday Shopping on Tybee

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Holiday Shopping on Tybee With just days until Thanksgiving, the holiday shopping season is officially upon us. And what a headache holiday shopping can be. It’s a nationwide surfeit of feigned Black Friday deals and gaudily-advertised blowouts designed to compel the masses to spend multi-billions on soon-to-be outdated electronics and whatever other inessential items you […]

tybee island beaches

Relax on Tybee

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How to Kick Back and Relax on Tybee Chantel Baul So, the irony of this past Monday is that it was National Relaxation Day. Go figure. This little-known holiday – which advocates kicking back and ignoring all those intrusive emails and work-related phone calls – tiptoes quietly past the overwhelming majority of us every year. […]

End of Summer Fun

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4 Things to Do on Tybee Island before the End of Summer End of Summer Fun by Chantel Baul The start of the school year marks the end of summer for students around the country. But unless you’re pursuing post-secondary education, that probably has nothing to do with you. September 22 marks the first day […]

Where to Find a Cold Treat

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Where to Find a Cold Treat on Tybee by Chantel Baul Scientists have confirmed it, 2016 has been the planet’s hottest year on record. But you probably didn’t need an expert to tell you that. Anyone who steps outside can feel the sizzling summer heat. Fortunately, Tybee Island has everything needed to handle the overly-warm […]

exploring tybee island beaches

Exploring Tybee

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Exploring Tybee Island’s Beaches When you’re visiting the Savannah area, be sure to plan some time to visit the beach on Tybee Island. With its wide sandy oceanfront, there is plenty of space for beach combing, and as I often tell folks, “you never know what you might see on Tybee’s beach!” As a marine […]

tybee easter church services

Easter Church Services

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Easter Church Services on Tybee Island Tybee Island’s Churches would like to welcome everyone to their Easter Services. All are welcome! The Sunrise Service on the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion will take place Easter Sunday. March 27 2016  at 6:45 a.m. Services over the weekend listed by Church. All Saints Episcopal Church, 804 Jones […]

farmers market tybee island

Farmers Market is Back!

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Tybee Farmers Market is Back! The kick-off date for this year’s Tybee Farmers Market is Monday, March 7, 2016! Beautiful weather is predicted, so go to the American Legion on Legion Drive, near the Tybee Lighthouse, from 10 am until 1 pm, to peruse the fresh local food and the hand-crafted gift items. You will be […]

Last of the Red Hot Lovers at the Tybee Post Theater

Movies are back!

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Lights, Camera, Action! It’s back to the movies on Tybee! The Tybee Post Theater was born as a 1930’s movie house for Fort Screven, and they are saluting their heritage with a  three-day film festival of the most popular classics of that decade. What better way to reopen the movie house than with the first films the soldiers watched […]

2016 Tybee Wine Festival

2016 Tybee Wine Festival

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We hope you will join us for the 2016 Tybee Wine Festival! The 8th Annual Tybee Wine Festival is an annual springtime celebration of wine and coastal cuisine set on postcard-perfect Tybee Island, the laid-back paradise located just 20 minutes east of historic Savannah. Presented by the Tybee Post Theater, this year’s event, April 20-24, […]

Lighthouse sunset tours

Lighthouse Sunset Tours

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2016 Tybee Lighthouse Sunset Tours Here’s  a unique opportunity to experience the Tybee Island lighthouse after hours by joining one of their small private sunset tours. These premium tours are limited to only 25 people and there are only 10 more chances to witness this gorgeous spectacle this year! The 2016 lighthouse sunset tour dates are: May […]

valentines day getaway

Valentine’s Day Getaway

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For the perfect Valentine’s Day getaway or romantic weekend, escape to Tybee Island! 1. Stay at a Tybee Bed & Breakfast!   These quaint little spots are the perfect place to celebrate an anniversary, honeymoon or simply your love for each other.  Spend your mornings sipping champagne, have some cuddles on a hammock, or enjoy “breakfast” […]

tybee in february

Tybee In February!

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Get Packed For Tybee In February! Get packed for Tybee Island in February!  We eat.  We dance.  We sing.  We party.  We run.  We walk. We act up.  We act out.  You know, pretty much the same things we do any other time of year.  You’ll want to be prepared and ready to enjoy lots […]

A Tybee New Year!

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A Very Tybee New Year! If you live in Savannah and you aren’t enjoying a Tybee New Year, then you are missing out! Dine on fresh, local seafood at any one of Tybee’s fantastic dining establishments, have drinks on the strand, or party the night away at one of Tybee’s many fantastic Bars! Curl up in […]

Irish Parade

Irish Heritage Parade

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14th ANNUAL IRISH HERITAGE CELEBRATION PARADE Its time again for the “green folk” to gather on our island paradise and celebrate their Irish Heritage. That’s what its all about, you know! The purpose of this parade is to celebrate and recognize Irish contributions to our community, state, and nation. Irish Clans assemble on Saturday, March […]