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It may be cold outside but it isn’t too early to start planning your spring fishing trip with Amick’s Deep Sea FishingFor the past 37 seasons, Captain Amick and his crew have been fully dedicated to providing patrons with a first class fishing service.  Whether you are looking for a full or half day of fishing, Amick’s can customize a charter that is suited perfectly for you and your friends. Want to fish solo? No problem, individual anglers can call and reserve a spot for a full day of fishing without having to put a group together.

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Really feeling that itch to get out in the water? If you book a trip for March or April, chances are you will be catching a lot of Sheepshead. Many of these fish are caught on the nearshore artificial reefs along the Georgia coast in winter. The spring will bring them out in big schools, especially around the many inlets with jetties. They are aptly named because of their nearly perfect row of front teeth that really do look like they belong on a sheep! Sheepshead are known as bait stealers. Many anglers will lose their bait and never even feel the fish. That’s because this fish approaches the bait, inhales it to their crushing teeth and literally grinds it up without moving. This method of feeding is what makes them so difficult to catch—unless you learn a few tricks from Captain Amick and crew.

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Want to get the most out of your next Tybee Charter Fishing trip? Just follow these tips:

– Listen to the captain and crew
– If fishing with live fish for bait, change your bait often
– Maintain the right attitude.  Not every time out is going to result in catching the fish of a lifetime.  Even experienced anglers get skunked.  Just enjoy your time on the water.
– If you have a good time, tip your crew appropriately.  If you tip someone for pouring you a cup of coffee, why wouldn’t you tip someone who helped you have an awesome day on the ocean?

Happy Fishing!!!





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  • Steven Bickel
    July 27, 2021 at 5:04 pm

    need a trip for 5 guys week of 8/1 to 8/5

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