Fate, Food and Love

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The story of Tybee Island Social Club, Fish Camp and soon to come Bờ Biển Hut.
by Leah Ryals

Tybee Social ClubNecessity has given the world innovation. Love and passion has brought forth art and music. And, fate has awarded little Tybee Island, Georgia with the gift of fabulous food, heavenly wines, top-notch cocktails and ambiance that will have you questioning where you are.

Sarah & Kurtis

Sarah & Kurtis

Anyone will tell you when you’re visiting the island to stop in at the Tybee Island Social Club for an all-around good time, great food and delightful music. This beloved establishment was started some odd years ago by Kurtis and Sarah Schumm. Before this dwelling was filled with love and laughter it was considered a building with an unspoken curse. But, Kurtis and Sarah had a dream and with great intention the talented couple went to work. Kurtis vested with a passion for food, art and music alongside Sarah with schooling in business and interior design made for an unbeatable team that has been nothing less than successful.

Tybee Fish CampIn the years since the doors first opened at the Tybee Island Social Club, both Sarah and Kurtis feel that they have been on a great journey together. The world of food and the business of service has taught them and learned them well. With lots of practice under their belts, they set their sights on new horizons with the desire to procure an even finer dining experience. They stumbled upon a 1950’s cottage on South Campbell Street that seemed to cry out to them. A good deal of tender loving care and lots of help later they opened Tybee Island Fish Camp.

Tybee Fish CampAt only a year old this charmingly decorated camp has food that will bring tears to your eyes and will have your palate begging for more. The experience that you get as a within the walls, on the patio under the lights and the dripping trees will make you wonder if you could be in Hollywood or just another place far far away. When Kurtis and Sarah decided to have this baby they did it with great flare and professionalism. The numerous and very satisfied James Beard award winning Chefs recently made it a point to come and savor all that Tybee Island Fish Camp has to offer.

fish-camp-1208smThe Schumms have brought so much to Tybee; the Latin themed Social Club filled with fun and excitement, Fish Camp busting at its seams with culture, first class food and wine. Their presence, personalities and spirits in general are a true gift to this place. And very soon they will be giving us even more. The two decided to bring Tybee something from the Eastern winds with an Asian Fusion walk up eatery, creatively named after the Vietnamese meaning of beach, Bờ Biển Hut. Here visitors will have the pleasure of trying traditional yet “far-out” dishes from a broad spectrum of Asian cultures at the convenience of take-out, delivery or outdoor dining. Chop sticks and a beach towel never sounded so good. The next time you see Kurtis and Sarah Schumm strolling the aisles of your local IGA or brightening their restaurants with their presence, beam a smile their way.



Photo Credit: Kate Blohm for cocktail photography & Mary Ella Jourdak for food photography



  • Kelly
    July 6, 2015 at 5:42 pm

    Great!! Where will the new takeout be located? Can’t wait!

    • Charissa
      July 6, 2015 at 5:49 pm

      It will be in the white building that’s next to Chu’s on the south end of the island. We are really excited!

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