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Pizza on Tybee

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Where to Eat Pizza on Tybee

Chantel Baul

The month of October is significant for a number of well-known reasons. As pink ribbons adorn the nation, it’s clear that October is synonymous with breast cancer awareness. The National Hispanic Heritage Month is also observed during October. With sweet treats, great gifts and festive decorations abundant in every store near you, this month also marks the beginning of the holiday season. And, of course, there’s Oktoberfest.

In case you didn’t know, October is also host to a month-long celebration of one of our great nation’s favorite imports: pizza. National Pizza Month has been observed every October in the USA since 1984, but with so many other happenings this month, the pizza party is often slept on. Don’t let another pizza month pass you by. Celebrate this important commemorative time with a delicious pizza at any of these island eateries. If you weren’t sure before, here’s where you need to go for a perfect pie on Tybee.


Lighthouse Pizza

Aptly named for the iconic Tybee Island Light Station, Lighthouse Pizza has been delivering lovingly-made pies to islanders for nearly a decade now. And the pizza perfection will continue for many more years to come. At Lighthouse Pizza, their signature ‘Authentic Tybee Dough’ is made fresh daily and topped with a delectable array of ingredients. Once oven-baked, the melty, cheesy goodness is ready for delivery, carryout or dine-in at either of Lighthouse Pizza’s two locales. Have a completely customized pie starring everything you love, or try one of their specialty or signature creations. Imagine your lunch faves like cheeseburgers and tacos re-envisioned as pizza. It’s a tasty amalgamation of the craving foods you love! This reality can be yours at Lighthouse Pizza.


Fannie’s on the Beach

Fannies on the Beach is a popular island dining option for seafood favorites and more. And gourmet pizzas are among the many mouthwatering options at Fannie’s. These epicurean edibles are hand-tossed and made-to-order using fresh and flavorful ingredients. And did I mention they’re stone baked? Any one of their ten decadent pies are sure to satisfy. But honorable mentions are certainly due. The Scallop & Bacon pizza offers a revolutionary take on traditional surf and turf dishes, featuring red onion and sun-dried tomato among other fresh fares atop a bed of Alfredo sauce. The Very Gouda is very good for those with an appetite for smoky, succulent flavors. You can’t go wrong with the Beachin’ BBQ either.


La Dolce Vita

Hotel Tybee’s premier restaurant, La Dolce Vita is known for opulent views overlooking the ocean and delicious southern Italian cuisine. And their satiating culinary offerings include pizza. La Dolce Vita’s pies are unlike the fluffed-up pizzas you get at the franchises. Rather, these are the real deal; pizzas made and served in the authentic Italian tradition. Try the house margherita, or enjoy a pie topped with any glorious combination of their farm-fresh ingredients. The unique list of toppings includes meatballs, Kalamata olives, artichokes and roasted peppers among others. And they can make your pie gluten-free, if need be.


80 East Gastropub

If you scroll down the menu at 80 East Gastropub, you won’t find a section under the heading ‘pizzas’; however, you will find three absolutely appetizing offerings under the ‘Flatbreads’ section. Flatbreads are kind of like pizza’s slimmer, chicer sister, so there’s no reason not to include them in your National Pizza Month celebration. The first of the gastropub’s flatbread trio is the buffalo shrimp. Boasting bleu cheese, tomato, red onions and micro greens, and of course spicy buffalo shrimp, this flatbread packs a flavorful punch. Aficionados of Mediterranean cuisine will relish in the gyro flatbread, which features crumbled feta, moist lamb, creamy tzatziki, pesto and a bounty of fresh veggies. And speaking of fresh veggies, the veggie flatbread is the perfect option for your Meatless Monday meal. Arugula, basil pesto, caramelized onions and roasted tomatoes rest atop a melted bed of mozzarella. Yum! Luckily these pies and all the rest are available all year long, so feel free extend your pizza observation beyond October!


Other Pizza restaurants on Tybee: Huc-a-poo’s Bites & Booze, Pizza on Wheels


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