Beachview Bed and Breakfast

A Day at the Beachview

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A Day at the Beachview Bed and Breakfast

by Karen Kelly owner of the Beachview Bed & Breakfast

Beachview Bed and Breakfast

Are you curious what a day in the life of a Beachview Bed and Breakfast guest might be like. Here is your chance to find out! Let owner Karen Kelly take you on a typical day as a guest at this beautiful historic Tybee Bed and Breakfast! 


Sunrise Tybee Beach Beachview Bed and Breakfast

The day starts with an early morning short walk with two backpack chairs to the front beach. There you’ll find the perfect spot to watch a beautiful sunrise with an ocean breeze.

breakfast at the beachview bed and breakfast
Heading back toward the Beachview, the smells of coffee fill the air as breakfast is prepared. The upper deck is an excellent place for a quick cup of coffee while waiting for the homemade breakfast to be ready at nine. Each morning breakfast is unique and homemade; one of our favorite dishes is a true southern menu with bacon, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, and home potatoes. All of our breakfast menus includes fresh fruit, yogurt with homemade granola, and an assortment juices.Bikes at the Beachview Bed and Breakfast
After breakfast it’s time for a morning bike ride across the island to the beautiful lighthouse and museums on the north side of Tybee Island. The adventure starts with climbing the 178 steps to the top of the lighthouse where you’ll get the most magnificent pictures of the entire island. After the climb to the top, make sure to enjoy the restored original light keeper houses on the lighthouse grounds & the Tybee Island museum across the street.

Tybee Lighthouse and grounds

Photo courtesy of Tybee Island Lighthouse


North Beach Grill Tybee

The next stop is lunch at one of our favorites, North Beach Grill. The food is yummy. The atmosphere is unique. Often live music is included. Enjoy a bacon cheeseburger with sweet potato fries- YUM! Before biking back to the Beachview- enjoy a beach stroll and check out Hilton Head across the water.

beachview bed and breakfast guest room
A nap is the perfect way to finish up the afternoon. Snuggle down in the amazing Beachview beds with luxurious sheets and blankets in an immaculately clean guest room. Just make sure to wake for a Beachview happy hour on our 100-year-old porch. Homemade appetizers with glass of wine on the American made rocking chair is perfect start to a Tybee Island night out.

beachview bed and breakfast happy hour

Happy hour on the porch is not to be missed!


Tybee Island Fish Camp

Photo from Fantastic write up on Tybee Fish Camp, Check it out!

Tybee Island Fish Camp reservations at 7:30 is the perfect spot to enjoy a gourmet dinner served in a unique 1950’s home transitioned into a restaurant. A corner spot in the small eight table dining room with attentive specialized service to create the perfect dining experience. Start the experience with a unique cocktail matched with the perfect meal. Skip the desert and take off for an evening of fun!



You will find out why Tybee Island is known locally as a “drinking village with a fishing problem ” with a little walk down Tybrisa St.! Live music is floating from the various venues- Rock House, Bernie’s, Doc’s, and many more. Hop around the different bars and find your perfect fit for an evening of dancing, music, and fun! When the evening is done take the short walk back to the Beachview and get a great night sleep for the next day’s adventure!



This is just one of many sample adventures! Tybee Island and the Beachview Bed and Breakfast offer many possible excursions from spending the day camped out at the beach, touring Fort Pulaski, paddle boarding to Little Tybee, and so much more!


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