Junkanoo Tribe Bahamian Relief Fund

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Nickie’s will be raising money for our friends and yours, Barabbas and the Junkanoo Tribe from the Bahamas, who were among those devastated by Hurricane Dorian.

We are partnering with The Crab Shack to help this group of people who have lost everything.

They have entertained all of us for years on Tybee and Savannah and desperately need help.

Physical Donations are not needed. Because of the government down there, supplies are not getting in. We need monetary donations. We have a safe and secure way of getting money into the hands of those who need it.

If you can’t come that day you can Stop by any SunTrust branch to make a cash or check donation to the “Barabbas and the Junkanoo Tribe Bahamian Relief Fund”.

We will have Boston Butt sales, Raffle.
The Alee Pirates
Music by:
Willie Jackson & the Tybee Blues Band
Joe Jarka
The Christy Alan Band
Roy & The Circuit Breakers
Charlie Sherrill
Ray Tomasino
Conga Dave
Jim Simmons “The Blues”Hog
and others.

Please Help. You can bring Donations for the Raffle to Nickie’s. We need BIG stuff that people will spend BIG money for.


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