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Sisters on the Fly on Tybee!

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Started in 1998 by Maurrie Sussman and her sister Becky while fly fishing in Montana.

We are a group of women who challenge ourselves in all that we set our minds to do. We have no age, color, religion, or political group. The one rule is “No Men, No Kids, Be Nice, Have Fun!”

Mission Statement: Offering empowerment and sisterhood through exceptional outdoor adventures. We have more fun than anyone!

The Cowgirl Caravan was started using small vintage trailers to travel about on our adventures. Each trailer has its own name and number. They are decorated inside and out—most with a cowgirl theme like Buffalo Gal #440 which is owned by Anita Jones Wallace, one of the organizers of the event—but some decorate with themes that reflect the interests of the Sister. For example, Dee Emeott # 609 (co-host of the event) has her wonderful little trailer, the Hippi Chic decorated in vintage tie dye! Hissy Fit, Tangled up in Blue, Jersey Girl, and Sweet Fanny McGee, are just a few of the trailers that will be in attendance. Sisters have fun with their decorating!

We are also very proud of Miss Bessie, a 1964 vintage Fan Fantasy trailer that has been very lovingly and completely restored inside and out by actual sisters Cindy Ozbilen # 852 and Renee Padgett # 851. It is a ‘show stopping birch beauty’! A dream trailer!

The small trailers are perfect for women to use—they are lightweight, easy to tow and hitch/unhitch by ourselves. We have plush bedding—feather beds, quilts, antiques, real dinnerware and tablecloths.

Trailers are all brands—Scotty’s, Aloha’s, Scotsman’s, Shasta’s, Tagalong’s, Aljo’s Airstreams, —too many to list—even homemade trailers. Most are 1950’s – 1970’s vintage—although some are older and we have new trailers, too– pop-up’s and tents as well. We even have a 1960’s vintage Bethany Pop-up (Red Hot Chili Pepper—owned by sister # 757.)

We now have over 8100 sisters world wide. The group coming to Tybee Island is the Southeastern Division.

We will be having a tour of Vintage Trailers at River’s End Campground to benefit the Tybee Post Theater and other local nonprofits. There will be over 50 trailers in the tour. The trailers will be open for the public to tour from 10am to 1pm on Saturday February 25, 2017. Tickets are $15.00 each, under 16 $10.00, and will be available in advance at Seaside Sisters 1207 HWY 80 East or on the day of the event at River’s End Campground.

For information contact Susan Kelleher 912.786.9216 or [email protected]




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