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Tybee Island Pirate Fest is your ultimate destination for Columbus Day weekend entertainment. Warming up for our Friday and Saturday night headliners, several bands will keep the crowd moving throughout the afternoons and early evenings.

Daytime entertainment includes live music, pirate performers, street performers, magicians, puppeteers, weaponry demonstrations, and a few surprises in between.


Saturday October 7, 2017

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Tybee Pirate Fest headline act, Colt Ford! Colt will play Saturday, October 7, 2017. We hope you all will join us for another fun filled year!

Tickets will go on-sale mid August. 



With his sixth studio album, the aptly named Love Hope Faith, his follow-up to 2014’s Thanks for Listening, Colt Ford continues to live out his boyhood dream – the one where you “wake up on a mission/to buy that beat-up Gibson,” as he sings on “No Rest.” Love Hope Faith is exactly that, a message to to his loyal fan base, and a strike against the divisiveness plaguing our country, celebrating the things that bring us together – friends, family, our faith in a better future.

Featuring such guests as Music City stalwarts Brad Paisley (“Lookin’ for a Hand Out”), Toby Keith (“Time Flies”), Lady Antebellum’s Charles Kelley and brother Josh (“Young Americans”) and veteran rockers Lit (“I’m Mud”); promising newcomers like Waterloo Revival’s Cody Cooper and George Birge (“Dynamite”), Tyler Farr (“My Truck”), Taylor Ray Holbrook (“Reload”), Javier Colon (“No Rest”) and Granger Smith (“Keepin’ It Real”), Love Hope Faith is the ultimate populist country record, featuring a little something for everyone.

“I’m just trying to bring people together,” says the Georgia native, a one-time golf pro who still frequents the links and the co-founder/owner of his own Average Joes Entertainment. “There’s so much conflict out there, it’s hard to decide who’s right and who’s wrong.”

And while he admits to a populist fan base and down-to-earth, “Keepin’ It Real” attitude, Colt cautions, “I’m not a politician. I’m a musician, a performer. We have to get past our differences and find a common ground.”
And what better way to do that with Colt Ford’s groundbreaking hybrid of country, blues, rock and rap rhythms, who has built up a following that started with mud trucker events and graduated to arena status sharing the stage with the likes of golfing buddy Toby Keith.

From the statement of beliefs in “Reload” (“We can agree to disagree. That doesn’t make you a bad person, I’m just telling you what I think. If you pet that dog, you might get bit”) and the adolescent dreams of “trying to live big in a small town” in “Young Americans,” singing “Free Bird” and “Free Falllin’ to the country/EDM mash-up of “Dirt Road Disco” (“Can there be a more fun song than that?”) and the ode to the joys of running your fingers in the wind of an open car window (“Lookin’ For a Handout”) or “one more shot of Baccardi” in “Time Flies,” Colt Ford breaks boundaries and mends fences along the way.

“I feel more confident than ever as an artist,” says Ford, and while he numbers some of the most important supporters in Music City, his lack of country radio acceptance and award show accolades continues to drive him. “I’ve given it my best shot. Some of that outsider thing is tongue-in-cheek, but some of it is true. I’m unbelievably accepted by artists and songwriters. There’s no one I can’t work with. They know I’m real. I’ve built those relationships over time, and I feel I’ve created a body of work.”

“Love Hope Faith” was created with some of the leading songwriters in music today, Jeff Hyde (“Lookin’ for a Hand Out”) and Jeffrey Steele, Jeremy Popoff, Shane Minor, Vicky McGehee (Bad Day Feat. Rizzi Myers), to Jaren Johnston, Neil Mason and Jesse Frasure (“Dirt Road Disco”) to Walker Hayes and Thomas Archer (“No Rest”), Eric Dodd & Alex Hall (“Dynamite”) and Rodney Clawson, Chris Tompkins, David Lee Murphy (Keepin’ It Real Feat. Granger Smith). Still, it is the sturdy persona of Colt Ford that gives them their consistency.

“There are a lot of different styles on this album, but I think my fans will hear it’s just me,” he says. “As long as I remain true to myself, I can delve into all of them.”

Songs like the rock/hip-hop “Dynamite” reference the Scorpions (“rock like a hurricane”), Marvin Gaye (“let’s get it on”), Michael Jackson (“Billie Jean on the radio”) and Jay Z, while the first single, “4 Lane Gone,” sports a full-blown rock intro before settling into a lament for a lost romance in which the individuals are on their separate paths. “My Truck” is a hilarious “can you top this” playground rank-out session, while the anthemic “I’m Mud” is just that, a self-deprecating, but in-your-face song from the perspective of the dirt below (“I’ve been played on, spit at, kicked until I turned to dust”). “Keepin’ It Real” is just that… Colt on staying the distance, “headlights on the highway/just keep going… Beer is cold and life is good.”

“No Rest” probably sums up Colt’s ambitions on Love Hope Faith, his tribute to being a working musician, what he calls “my version of ‘My Way.’”

“I’m proud of that song,” he says. “I think it’s one of the best I’ve ever done. It’s not just about being a rock star, but accomplishing your dreams, a passion that can’t be stopped. Anyone who has that drive will appreciate it. Everybody’s got fears, but when you hear that song, it’s me.”

“I built walls… and I’ll be here when they’re gone,” he says, taking the role of “I’m Mud,” but you know he might as well be talking about himself.

Love Hope Faith is Colt Ford’s musical message, one so universal it tears down those walls, then invites everyone into the tent.

Midnight Riders – Allman Brothers Tribute Band 

Friday October 6, 2017 


Based out of Music City USA, Nashville’s own Midnight Riders are the premier Allman Brothers tribute band the South has been waiting for. Consisting of seasoned Music Row veterans and studio players, they are the consummate tribute band. Paying homage to the early years and classic songs of The Allman Brothers Band, The Midnight Riders are the Mid-South’s best tribute band. With their roots planted deep in Southern tradition they bring and authenticity to their shows that has had audiences spellbound. Soaring twin guitar playing and exceptional vocal displays along with dual drumming are the hallmarks of this band’s ability. For the most authentic performances this side of The Beacon Theatre, the Midnight Riders do not disappoint



Big Engine

Friday October 6th


BigEnginePromo_smallBio: Even after playing over 200 shows a year, people just can’t get enough of Big Engine’s nitrous fueled shows and the high energy music that brings down the house night after night. Along with the die-hard fans that follow the boys from town to town, uninitiated newcomers seldom last the entirety of the show without raising their fists in the air and singing along to the band’s catchy choruses and instantly memorable lyrics.
These road warriors travel the country, bringing the party with crowd favorites: “Shake That Thing”, “That Girl’s a Freak”, “Turn It On,” “Party Like A Rockstar” and “Sister Mary.”
In good company, Big Engine has made friends by sharing the stage with Buckcherry, Motorhead, Bret Michaels, (2012 Pirate Festival) Vince Neil, Charlie Daniels, 38 Special, Ted Nugent, Jackyl, Shooter Jennings, and countless other national acts. Needless to say, they have amassed an army of gear heads, bikers, and race fans from the infamous Daytona and Sturgis bike rallies as well as NASCAR races.
A Rock band for the video game generation – Big Engine’s anthemic, “Party Like a Rock Star,” is available for download for the Rock Band video game platform, an international sensation that ignited a new interest in music for younger generations.
Big Engine’s 3 albums: 2007’s “Rock ‘n Roll Machine;” 2009’s “That Girl;” “and 2012’s “Turn It On” are all available online (on iTunes and Amazon MP3) and in select retailers.
Along with their 2014 Prepare For Liftoff tour sponsored by Twisted Tea, the band has a brand new album entitled “Shot Like A Rocket” being released through Pavement Entertainment/MRI Sony Red on August, 19th 2014 available for preorder online at Best Buy, Amazon, FYE, CD Universe and other music retailers!


The Motley Tones
Oct 6-8th, 2017

The Motley Tones washed ashore at the Blackbeard Festival in Hampton, VA in 2010 and have been entertaining crowds ever since. Helped by friends and fans, they are now the region’s most popular pirate performing group, entertaining adults and children alike with their unique blend of classical and oft-times amusing sea shanties. They are known throughout the mid-Atlantic region both for their highly interactive street shows as well as their enthusiastic stage shows. This dynamic group sings madrigals for the king by day, pub songs for the hoi polloi by night, and love songs and sailor songs all the day long.

Their music ranges from acapella harmonies to traditional “call and response” tunes to duets, solo ballads and parodies of popular tunes. All loosely tied to the “Golden Age of Piracy.” In live performance, they incorporate pieces of period garb and stories into their performance as well as just plain fun stuff.

The Group’s Interests Include:
singing about beer
spreading pirate wisdom
spreading beer wisdom
sea shanties
hand to guitar combat
making mayhem while harmonizing
corrupting members of the audience
the sound of gold pieces clinking together

Damon and the Shitkickers
Saturday Oct. 7th

Damon and the Shitkickers was formed in 2008 by Damon Mailand, Matt Eady, and Charlie Hodge. Mike DiSanza joined the group in March of 2009, followed shortly by Igor Fiksman in April to round out the group. There have since been several lineup changes, but the sound remains firmly rooted in the good ol’ country music they grew up on.

Damon came to the area from the Montana Hi-Line, and is a luthier working at Benedetto Guitars. One of his earliest influences was his dad, who is a Cowboy Poet and performs his material all around the circuit. The driving force of the band, there is no question that Damon is the real deal.

Igor was born and raised in Ukraine, Soviet Union. He moved here in the early 90s and went to school at Armstrong Atlantic University as a classical guitar major. His real love was punk music, though, and played in a number of touring punk bands through the late 90s. He became enamored with country music around that time, and joined an up and coming group of musicians in a band called Whiskey Dick, deciding to try to play the pedal steel. Since then, it is his one and only passion in music, and he has become the busiest steel player in Savannah.

Anders Thomsen joined the band in 2011. His list of accomplishments in the music business is long, and we are extremely happy to have him with us. Anders was a member of the country band The Ex-Husbands in the mid to late nineties and has toured all over the world. He also had the honor of being a guitar player in Chuck Berry’s touring band for a while. Since moving to Savannah, Anders has taken some time off to raise his daughter with his wife Sarah. But now he’s back playing, and we’re sure glad he is.

In for a Penny

In For A Penny is a rowdy, four piece, acoustic, Irish Celtic folk punk band. (Whew!) We’re ready to bring our folk punk twist to your favorite traditional Celtic tunes, as well as some rowdy original material to the dirty south, and beyond. Foot stompin’, beer drinkin’ music, with the odd 80’s pop cover thrown in, just because every loves them and nobody else plays them. When In For A Penny cranks it up, it’s like having a St. Paddy’s Day party any night of the week! Get ready Savannah… things are about to get a little bit more rowdy around here!

In For A Penny draws inspiration from band ranging from Celtic Punk giants Dropkick Murphy’s and The Rumjacks to 80’s & 90’s greats Tears for Fears and The Cranberries as well as traditional Irish staples like The Dubliners. The members are equally as diverse, with backgrounds in punk, rap, hardcore and hair metal. Stories will be told, glasses will be raised and good times will be had by all as In For A Penny time and time again draws audiences into the party.

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