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  • k mckinney
    April 4, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    went to Tybee for spring break expected cooler weather so really didn’t pack my kids as many shorts as I should have. While they went on a charter boat with Dad I thought I would pick up a few gifts for them such as 3 board shorts, 2 pairs of flip flops, a swim suit and a oakley hat for dad. I asked the cashier if something didn’t fit if we could exchange it she said “YES, as long as it wasn’t worn, had the tags and I kept the receipt” THE VERY NEXT DAY, the whole family and I went back to exchange the swim suit (my daughter didn’t like it SHE DIDNT EVEN TRY IT ON) a pair of flip flops (tried on so the bottom had try on marks on the bottom, ehhhumm looked just as they did when I bought them) you could tell they were never worn!!! also a pair of board shorts for exact same ones just a size up. My husband didn’t like the fit of the hat so he wanted to exchange it for a different one. Ok so now the problem, I was greeted by an associate who said “what can I help you with?” I told him what I wanted to do he said “absolutely the girl up front will help you” then comes Ms. Sanchez!!! She tells me NO sorry the flip flops are worn and we don’t exchange swim suits. mind you I ASKED THIS QUESTION BEFORE I MADE THE PURCHASE!!!!!! I said a few choice words after arguing with her about what I was told the day before and by the gentleman that just greeted me. She says “well shes in trouble when she comes in to work tomorrow and he is new so he doesn’t know” so after I told her what she was she threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave! SERIOUSLY?! Of course I did not leave with out the new size flip flops the shorts and a new swim suit. The owner of this shop supposedly lives on the Island and is supposedly a nice guy, he needs to have his staff trained better so this doesn’t happen to others. I am not a person to buy something wear it around and then take it back. I under stand their NO REFUND policy because of this but EXCHANGES should be made when a customer asks before they buy! Funky Fish is a HORRIBLE store and I would not recommend it to any one. I went to WAVES to shop from then on. Their associates were very helpful, courteous and kind. As you can tell from other reviews this store and a few of its employees are terrible (Ms. Sanchez) you suck!!!!!

  • Holli Young
    June 21, 2015 at 7:11 pm

    I was in Tybee last week on vacation and bought a t-shirt from funky fish. I just got home and literally the first time I put the shirt on all of the letters and pictures started cracking and one even peeled halfway off. This is ridiculous. I spent a nice amount of money in your store and for one of the shirts to not even last thru a couple hours of wear is a little ridiculous in my opinion. I understand that it was only $17 but the fact that I bought a souvenir that didn’t even last a day really upsets me. Is there a way that I could send the shirt back to you and get it replaced? Thank you!

    • Charissa
      June 22, 2015 at 12:07 pm

      Hi Holli, here is the phone number for Funky Fish (912) 786-4704. We are more of a directory site so we have no control on helping in this situation. Though we really hate to hear this. Hope you can get with them and receive a refund or replacement. Also Here is the link to their FB Page

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