McQueens Island Trail

McQueens Island Trail

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McQueens Island Trail Built on a stretch of the Savannah & Atlantic Railroad line, the 6-mile McQueen’s Island Trail offers a salt-air excursion for nature lovers and history buffs alike. Built in 1887, the railroad carried passengers from Savannah to Tybee Island, a popular turn-of-the-century beach resort. A highway to the island was built in […]

Little Tybee Island

Little Tybee Island

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Tybee Pier & Pavilion

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tybee marine science center

Tybee Marine Science Center

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Cockspur Lighthouse

Cockspur Lighthouse

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Fort Pulaski Free Entry Day

Fort Pulaski

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Fort Pulaski Entrance Fee Increase – On January 1, 2019 the park entrance fee increased to $10 per person and the park annual pass increased to $35. Fort Pulaski is located on Cockspur Island about 15 miles away from Historic Savannah Georgia. The monument was named after the Revolutionary War Hero Casimir Pulaski and was […]

tybee lighthouse

Tybee Lighthouse

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Tybee Lighthouse Tybee Island Attraction Ordered by General James Oglethorpe, Governor of the 13th colony, in 1732, the Tybee Lighthouse has been guiding mariners safe entrance into the Savannah River for over 270 years. The Tybee Island Light Station is one of America’s most intact having all of its historic support buildings on its five-acre […]