Beach Renourishment Project set to Begin on Tybee Island Dec. 4th

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Beach Renourishment Project set to Begin on Tybee Island Dec. 4th The City of Tybee will begin a beach renourishment project Dec. 4 that will impact the use of various sections of the beach through mid-January. The project will operate 24/7 and involve pumping sand onto the shore. To see when and where sections of […]

Surviving Beach Bum Parade

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Surviving Beach Bum Parade The annual Tybee Beach Bum Parade will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019. This FREE event is a favorite with both locals and visitors to Tybee Island. The parade goes all the way down Butler Avenue and features an island-wide water fight! Kids love it and so do adults who […]

Planning a Sunny Getaway?

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Planning a Sunny Getaway? Are your thoughts drifting to a sunny getaway, far from everyday life? If soft, golden sand and soothing ocean breezes are calling your name, now is the time to book a Tybee Beach Vacation! Only 20 short minutes from Historic Savannah, Georgia, Tybee Island was recently honored by Fodor’s as one […]

Beating Beach Boredom

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Beating Beach Boredom Wouldn’t it be nice to hear the sounds of waves crashing along a shore line, to be sipping a cocktail when the sun sets, and feeling the cool sand in between your toes? Put yourself right there. Nice, isn’t it? You can almost smell the salt air, right? Now imagine your children […]

Unspoken Beach Rules

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Unspoken Beach Rules Going to the beach is pretty much the best part of a summer vacation. Everyone is relaxed and having a great time. But wait…why are people staring at you like you’ve suddenly grown a third eyeball? Why are people muttering under their breath and scooching their chairs and towels as far from […]

How to Dress as a Beach Bride

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How to Dress as a Beach Bride on Tybee Island Of course we’re not really here to tell you how to dress for your big day, but we can give you some suggestions that will leave you infinitely more comfortable! If you are planning on tying the knot on Tybee during these looooong months of […]

Bluegrass on Tybee Island

Sons of Bluegrass on Tybee

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Heralded as one of the best upcoming bands in these United States, members of The Sons of Bluegrass have been playing their traditional and original music for over thirty years….Lucky for all of us, they will be performing it on Tybee Island this November 3rd!  In addition to eating amazing food and sampling craft brews, your […]

Beach Run on Tybee Island

Tybee Beach Run

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Attention All Runners!!  Plan on being on Tybee this March 31st for a 5k run.  Bring your children because there is a kiddie mile run too!  The run begins at 9am at the North Beach Grill.  It is $25 to register until March 24th, $30 up til the morning of the 5k, $15 for the […]

Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

Tybee Beach Ecology Trips

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Enjoy this amazing December weather that we are having here on Tybee Island and book your Tybee Beach Ecology Trips with Dr. Joe Richardson! You can schedule a tour for any size group that would love to learn about the diverse marine life that lives along this beautiful stretch of Georgia Coast. These ecology trips […]