Surviving Beach Bum Parade

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Surviving Beach Bum Parade The annual Tybee Beach Bum Parade will take place on Friday, May 17, 2019. This FREE event is a favorite with both locals and visitors to Tybee Island. The parade goes all the way down Butler Avenue and features an island-wide water fight! Kids love it and so do adults who […]

Beach Bum 2012

Beach Bum 2012

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Join us May 18th to bring in the summer with Beach Bum 2012! Every year Tybee Island heralds our favorite season with a HUGE island wide water fight!! Spectators battle parade participants in this unique island tradition. But remember buckets and water balloons are not allowed. Beach Bum 2012 What is the Beach Bum Parade? […]

Annual Beach Bum Parade

Beach Bum Parade May 18

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The Annual Beach Bum Parade is the epitome of Tybee Island! This is the time when Natives and Tourists alike line up along Butler Avenue armed to the teeth with water guns, hoses, buckets of ice ready to douse passers by! The Parade Floats are equally armed. This fun celebration of Beach Bumminess takes place […]

Nature and Bird Watching

Getting Back to Nature on Tybee!

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Nature and Birdwatching on the coast! Tybee Island, Georgia is a beautiful barrier island that has many different species of shorebirds that call it home.  This is the best time of year to witness the diversity of these animals and observe them in their natural habitat.  You can see the pelicans soaring close to the […]