Coco’s: sustainable fun!

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Coco’s: sustainable fun!

Sweeping marsh views…incredible sunsets…fishing boats and trailing seagulls coming and going…no straws in the restaurant…wait – what? Yep, you read that correctly, Coco’s Sunset Grille has eliminated all single-use straws as a way of ensuring nothing from the restaurant ends up in the surrounding marsh and Creek. That philosophy is evident in the way Owner Tracy and staff approach managing this special place: leave no trace, absorb the beauty around you, do your part to keep it that way. And have fun!

While you won’t find single-use plastics or styrofoam at Coco’s, you will find fresh, creative, local seafood (OMG – have you had the shrimp cakes?). Situated directly on historic Lazaretto Creek and surrounded by salt marsh, Coco’s takes great care to constantly search for more sustainable practices to protect the pristine nature of its surroundings. This place does it right, from friendly, welcoming staff, to a local shellfish-laden happy-hour at incredibly low prices, to trivia on Tuesday nights. And roof-top dining and drinking, with spectacular views inside and out. Need to-go water? It’ll be in cardboard. Placing a take out order? It’ll be in compostable fiber boxes and loaded in a reusable bag. So if you haven’t experienced it yet, head on over to the historic Lazaretto Creek and Marina and enjoy another world, at Coco’s Sunset Grille. And be sure to thank them for taking such great care of our little Island and all the creatures that call it home!

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Hi…I’m Tim on Tybee. I run the local beach cleaning group, Tybee Clean Beach, work on Fight Dirty Tybee’s anti-litter efforts and sit on the Boards of the Tybee Main Street Development Authority and the Savannah Chatham Sustainability Coalition (folks that produce Savannah’s Earth Day Festival). This blog is all about showcasing the many efforts that make Tybee Island a more sustainable place for people and marine life.



  • December 11, 2019 at 4:14 pm

    The same could be said for wine and beer glasses but no one uses a straw for them. Very few reputable establishments will put their customers at risk by not washing the glasses. Some people opt to bring their own washable straws just to be safe. You’re right, there are pros and cons for just about everything!

  • Kelly Sullivan
    December 9, 2019 at 2:32 pm

    The drawl back to not using straws of any material,is that run the risk of catching any kind of disease from people putting their mouths on reusable cups that has to be constantly washed,& there’s no guarantees your getting a perfectly sanitized cup every think about going going completely plastic free,or whatever material your trying to stave from to help the Island.It’s a noble ambition.But there’s pro’s,&con’s to it.

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