Tybee Island Beaches

Discover the beaches of Tybee Island and explore warm, sandy shores perfect for fishing, swimming and just lounging in the sun. The picturesque beauty of Georgia’s coast is waiting for you to enjoy. Spend the day searching for shells along the water’s edge or local marine life in the tidal pools and rock features.

With 5 different public beaches and an uninhabited island just a quick boat ride away, we know there is a Tybee Beach just right for you.

Tybee North Beach:

The historic Tybee Island Lighthouse is situated at North Beach. This visually striking stretch of coast, features a great little surf spot past the rock jetties, a brand new restroom and shower station, and the restaurant North Beach Grill. As this beach is generally less crowded than the south end, many families find it perfect for having some fun in the sun.

Tybee South Beach:

South Beach is located south of 14th street and is home to the Tybee Pier & Pavilion. Spending the day close to the Pavilion is ideal for families as there are restrooms, picnic tables, snacks and cold drinks available. Adults and children love to stroll along the Pier and see what the fisherman are reeling in for the day. There is plenty of room to swim and if you surf, just make sure to paddle out past 19th street. Hungry or thirsty? You can choose from several restaurants or unique beach bars. They are just a quick walk from the beach.

Tybee Mid Island Beach:

Mid-Beach stretches from 1st street all the way to 14th. This beach is most used by Tybee locals and families renting vacation homes. It is usually much less crowded than the south or north ends and is an absolutely stunning expanse of shoreline. There are no public restrooms or designated parking, so it may not be the best to visit with children if you aren’t staying nearby.

Tybee Back River Beach:

Locals and visitors both love to fish at The Back River Beach. There usually isn’t much of a crowd and it is good, quiet place to relax. The public restrooms make it more family-friendly than the Savannah River Beach, however, there are no lifeguards. This beach is one of the more popular places to launch a kayak and paddle over to Little Tybee Island.

Savannah River Beach:

The Savannah River Beach can be accessed by walking from the North Beach lot and is a quieter option for an individual seeking some solitude. This beach opens up to the Savannah River and is a fantastic spot for dolphin and bird watching. There are no life guards in this area or public restrooms.

Little Tybee Island:

Little Tybee Island is only accessible by boat, yet it is worth any extra planning. This Island is a completely uninhabited nature preserve. Feel free to bring your dog, but be aware of the local wildlife. Please keep an eye on your pets and be sure to clean up after them.  Little Tybee is an excellent place to camp with friends when you truly need to get away from it all.

For more Tybee Island beach information, call the Tybee Island Visitor Center at (912) 786-5444.