There are lots of activities for families, loads of entertainment and a Thieves Market filled with treasure.

2018 Tybee Island Pirate Festival – October 4-7

Tybee Island Pirate Fest is your ultimate destination for Columbus Day weekend entertainment. Warming up for our Friday and Saturday night headliners, several bands will keep the crowd moving throughout the afternoons and early evening. Daytime entertainment includes live music, pirate performers, street performers, magicians, puppeteers, weaponry demonstrations, and few surprises in between.

Tybee Island Pirate Fest is fun for pirates of all ages. Our littlest pirates enjoy an entire area devoted to quality family entertainment. Activities include bounce houses, magicians, storytellers, puppets, live pirate demonstrations, face painting, and many more surprises. Children also enjoy participating in our costume contests and pirate parade. Check back for a detailed schedule or subscribe to our blog for details.

A Brief History:

Tybee Pirate Fest began in 2005 with a small handful of individuals that were looking for a unique event to help boost visitation to the island in the off-season months. The first year was even more successful than the organizers, a non-profit called Tybeefest, even imagined it could be. With the support of many dedicated volunteers, The City of Tybee Island and its elected officials, the Tybee Island Tourism Council, and local businesses the event has grown in popularity each year.

There are lots of activities for families, loads of entertainment and a Thieves Market filled with treasure. The festival grounds have grown to encompass the entire South Beach Parking Lot by the Tybee Pier from Tybrisa Street to 18th Street. This website provides the history of the event and lots of other pirate stuff. Hope you find it useful and it helps you find your way to the Annual Pirate Fest on Tybee Island located only 20 minutes from Savannah GA historical district and the cobble stone River Street.

2018 Buccaneer Bulletin

2015 King & Queen 2015 – Lannie & Stacye Jarrell
Greetin’s pirates, scoundrels, scallywags, & wenches, alike. Another season has passed and a new King & Queen must take the throne. Though many have pillaged & plundered, few have held these positions. After years of mastering Tybee’s waters & conquering Little Tybee’s beaches, Captain Black Bart Jarrell (Lannie Jarrell) & Queen Anastasia of the Isle o’ Tybee (Stacye Jarrell), have arrived to claim the honor of the 11th annual Tybee Pirate Fest King & Queen.
2014 King & Queen 2014 – Greg Stoeffler & Belinda Flanigan
Weigh ye anchors and hoist the colors! Make way for The 10th Annual Tybee Pirate Festivals illustrious King and Queen, Dashing Gregorio Gustavo Desoto (Greg Stoeffler) and the Sauciest of Wenches Bella Bordeaux (Belinda Flanigan)! Last year these two friends were pillaging and plundering along the Ivory Coast (tis true and they have over 2,000 pictures to prove it) but now they are back in order to fill these exalted positions in true Tybee Island Style!
2013 King & Queen 2013 – Keith Gay & Wanda Doyle
Each year a pair outstandin’ Tybee citizens be selected to fulfill ’tis esteemed position ‘n we be pleased to announce that th’ honor has gone to Keith Gay ‘n Wanda Doyle! Both ‘o these Tybee residents spend so much ‘o their time ‘n energy makin’ ‘tis island a fantastic place to visit ‘n an amazin’ place to live. We thank our King ‘n Queen from th’ bottom ‘o our hearts ‘n gunna be raisin’ our grog at th’ Pirate Fest to salute them both!
2012 King & Queen 2012 – Mike & Iris Scarbrough
Our 2012 Pirate Fest King and Queen made their way to Tybee Island twenty years ago. From their cozy spot on Lazaretto Creek, the pair has helped the island grow into the destination it is today. This year, as the King and Queen of Pirate Fest, Captain Mike and Iris will enjoy the festivities from a completely new and pampered prospective. Please make sure to extend the royal greeting when you see them in the festival or down at the docks.
2011 King & Queen 2011 – Joel Solomon & Susie Morris
In 2011, TybeeFest selected Joel Solomon and Susie Morris as the Pirate King and Queen. Joel Solomon is well-known on Tybee as the former owner of Café Loco (now Coco’s Sunset Grill) at Lazaretto Creek. This is where the Tybee Island Pirates first landed in 2005! Susie Morris and her husband Stuart Lyles are the proud owners of the Lighthouse Inn.
2010 King & Queen 2010 – Paul DeVivo & Paula Morgan DeVivo
In 2010, TybeeFest selected Paul and Paula DeVivo as the Pirate King and Queen. They are well-known on Tybee as the owners of DeVivo Marketing, which includes the web site for Tybee – “”, and the publications: “Where to Eat at the Beach” and “Tybee Homes”. They were also founding members of Tybeefest and instrumental in starting the Tybee Island Pirate Fest. Their latest venture is in Pirate Fashions –, attire for the well-dressed pirate and wench. So, if it’s treasure you seek, these two probably know where to find it!
2009 King & Queen 2009 – Cullen Chambers & Amy Gaster
In 2009, TybeeFest selected Cullen Chambers and Amy Gaster as the Pirate King and Queen. Cullen Chambers is well-known on Tybee as the Executive Director of the Tybee Island Historical Society. Amy Gaster co-owner of Tybee Vacation Rentals is an active member of the island’s business community. and also serves as president of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.
2008 King & Queen 2008 – Jimmy Price & Natalie Gordon
In 2008, TybeeFest selected Jimmy Price and Natalie Gordon as the Pirate King and Queen. Jimmy Price is well known on Tybee as the recently retired Chief of Police. Natalie Gordon can do up your do at Salon Isobe and also serves on the board of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.
2007 King & Queen 2007 – Jiggs Watson & Bonnie Gaster
In 2007, TybeeFest selected Bonnie Gaster and Jiggs Watson as their Pirate King and Queen. Bonnie is a well-known real estate broker on Tybee Island for Prudential SE Coastal Properties. Jiggs owns Tybee Island Insurance and is the organizer of the wet and wild Tybee Island Beach Bum Parade. If you haven’t heard of it The Beach Bum Parade is an island-wide water fight parade that is held each May.
2006 King & Queen 2006 – Gene Kindrick & Debbie Brady Robinson
In 2006, TybeeFest chose Gene Kindrick and Debbie Brady Robinson as their Pirate King and Queen. Gene was the longtime commander of American Legion Post 154 on Tybee Island. Debbie is a well-known local artist and owner of the Atlantic Beacon Gallery and Hall of Frames. Debbie also serves on the board of the Tybee Island Tourism Council.
2005 King & Queen 2005 – Jack Flanigan & Jenny Orr
For the 1st Annual Pirate Fest event organizers reached out to Jack Flanigan to be their Pirate King and Jenny Orr for Queen. Jack owns The Crab Shack, which is an incredibly popular seafood restaurant on the island known as “Where the elite plunder in their bare feet”. And yes, that is a real parrot he is holding in the picture. Jenny is the owner of Fannie’s restaurant on Tybee’s south end which directly borders the festival grounds and has a great view of all the action.

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